Reflective & Creative Writing

You are your stories ...

The stories you tell yourself and others about who you are, what you want, what's happened to you, what you want to happen.

The stories you tell to make sense of your experience, your world.

The stories you tell to connect, inspire, heal.

The stories not just in your head, but also in your heart, in your cells, at the very core of who you are. 

Writing heals

We have the power to shape our stories - to transform the chaos of our lives into the neatness of narrative that brings coherence, wholeness, and healing.

This creative power is in you.

Writing cultivates awareness, which empowers us to let go of old stories that have been holding us back and move forward in the direction of our true desires. Writing gives us a voice, so we can be heard and so we can hear our inner voice ever more clearly. 

How yoga helps 

We all have so many stories to tell, so much to share, and by deepening our awareness and bringing us more fully into our bodies, yoga helps us tap into our stories, find our creativity and authenticity, find the courage and strength we need to dig in and the grace and balance we need to live fully and be fully present in our lives.

"Deep writing requires presence in your whole being, whatever it looks like, whatever its limitations. Move into your body and you will move into your writing." 

~Laraine Herring, Writing Begins with the Breath 

As a writer and writing instructor, I know how profoundly healing, liberating, and balancing the act of writing can be. But it can also be difficult and frightening to write truly, to go beyond the surface and say what needs to be said - especially when we've been denied our voice in past relationships. By bringing me back into my body and cultivating self-acceptance and trust, yoga allowed me to open my heart, find my voice, and write more deeply. My yoga practice keeps me grounded, present, and open to possibilities.

The power of yoga is that it permeates your whole being; the compassion, discipline, and awareness you cultivate on the mat will translate into all areas of your life, including - especially - your writing.

Writing is practice

"The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair." Mary Heaton Vorse

Like yoga, writing is a practice. To be a writer, you must write. 

Be brave. Open your heart. Let go of the need to be perfect, or to please anyone but yourself. Tell your story. Write.